Name: Tyler Zosky
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Age: 25

biggest hype before you go skating: Warm weather and a soda.

biggest buzzkill before you go skating: My shoes are falling apart.

best spot you've ever skated: Dodd

best obstacle at a skate park: transition

current worst trend in skating: faking it

top 3 video parts:
1: Jason Adams - Label Kills
2: Jeremy Schreiber - SCUMBAG
3: Andrew Reynolds - Baker 3

Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel: Zooey

Top 5 Bands:
1: Black Flag
2: Man Is The Bastard
3: No Comment
4: Rudimentary Peni
5: Brainbombs

Porn star of your choice: Whoever fucks the hardest.

Puffiest shoe you've ever skated: Kohl's Vans

Biggest Inspiration: Friends that get shit done.

Website you visit daily:

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

One fast food item for the rest of your life: Hardest question on here...crispy potato soft taco. I'll regret the answer no matter what

What were you made fun of for the most in school: Having a bad haircut and being punk.

favorite mid 90's TV show: Simpsons

best item you own with an american flag on it: t-shirt

live a day in one celebrities life: Guy Fieri so I can kill myself.

lights on or off: off

best way to rot your teeth: candy

biggest fear: Round rails or girls that don't want to cuddle.

biggest waste of money: Fines for doing stupid shit.

high five or pound: Whatever you're into.

last time you vomited: today

reason to live: Something to do.

reason to die: Because I don't want to be old and fucked up.