Name: James Lindenmuth
Location: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Age: 24

biggest hype before you go skating: When friends ask to meet up

biggest buzzkill before you go skating: Bad weather and/or humidity

best spot you've ever skated: Pre-2017 Courts - But if you mean a real spot then probably The Dust Bowl. You can skate curbs, wallrides and transition all in one place.

best obstacle at a skate park: A good double-sided curb - if it doesn't have that, a mellow quarter-pipe is a very close second.

current worst trend in skating: Social media, especially Instagram. It's so easy to tell who skates for fun and who skates for "likes".

top 3 video parts:
Its so hard to pick 'top' anything. Ugh..

1: Aidan Mackey - Call Me 917
2: All of the Dope Planet Video Magazines
3: Every/all Cooper Winterson video(s)

Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel: know Zooey Deschanel played Trillian in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so I guess Zooey by default? I had to Google who Natalie Portman is.

Top 5 Bands:
This is not fair! I hate having to rate things. Here are 5 that have been big influences on me over the years..

1: Alex G
2: Modest Mouse
3: Radiator Hospital
4: The Most Beautiful Images (Created Only To Be Destroyed)
5: WHY?

Porn star of your choice: Whos the really famous, fat, balding guy? Ron Jeremy? Is he still alive?

Puffiest shoe you've ever skated: Some DVS I got at ROSS in the mid-2000s. They were comparable in size to the D3.

Biggest Inspiration: My family and friends

Website you visit daily: YouTube

Coke or Pepsi: Cherry Coke

One fast food item for the rest of your life: Yocco's Dog, well done, no onion, extra sauce

What were you made fun of for the most in school: I was very into fashion in high school. I'd get made fun of a lot for my clothes/outfits.

favorite mid 90's TV show: The X-Files

best item you own with an american flag on it: I don't think I own anything with an american flag on it. I have a pocket knife with an eagle on it - if that counts.

live a day in one celebrities life: I can't think of any celebrity I'd want to be. Maybe being a race car driver or something would be cool. Are they considered celebrities?

lights on or off: Both?

best way to rot your teeth: Never floss, never brush

biggest fear: People

biggest waste of money: Fishing gear - There's so many gimmick lures, and I only ever seem to lose the expensive ones.

high five or pound: High five if we're friends, pound if I don't know you that well - isn't that the standard?

last time you vomited: Years ago.. I've only thrown up maybe three or four times my whole life.

reason to live: To see what the future holds

reason to die: Seeing what the future holds