Name: Irving Juarez-Jaramillo
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age: 25

biggest hype before you go skating: A good hair day and nice socks.

biggest buzzkill before you go skating: I'm typically pretty bummed when its windy.

best spot you've ever skated: NC State University

best obstacle at a skate park: tombstones

current worst trend in skating: Pot leaves on everything. Skate/running shoes.

top 3 video parts:
1: Ryan Sublette - Depression Session
2: Taylor smith - Shep Dawgs 3
3: Omar Salazar - Mindfield

Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel: Nat Port ALL DAY!

Top 5 Bands:
2: Devendra Banhart
4: Portishead
5: The XX

Porn star of your choice: The ones on instagram that spam my shit...

Puffiest shoe you've ever skated: I had some C1RCA mid-tops in 8th grade.

Biggest Inspiration: The Gonz? Any older dude who is still having fun on their board.

Website you visit daily: Youtube

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi

Favorite embarrassing CD in your collection: I'm really into this girl fronted pop-punk band called Candy Hearts. It's super girly and catchy.

One fast food item for the rest of your life: Kickin' chicken meal from Zaxby's.

What were you made fun of for the most in school: My hair? I had a mullet (on purpose) in 10th grade.

favorite mid 90's TV show: Seinfeld

best item you own with an american flag on it: I have an Obama shirt that's pretty patriotic.

live a day in one celebrities life: Johnny Depp in the 90's.

lights on or off: O F F

best way to rot your teeth: cookies

biggest fear: Open water, dark water, deep water, drowning.

best piece of advice someone has given you: Drugs are bad mMM KAY.

biggest waste of money: iPads and cigarettes

high five or pound: pound

next place you'd like to travel: NYC, when its not freezing.

last time you vomited: Food poisoning from Taco Bell about 2 years ago.

reason to live: Freshly paved roads, smooth sidewalks, and backyard ramps.

reason to die: For my friends and family.

Who and what are The Hooded Demons?
The "Hooded Demons" crew was formed as joke originally by me and my friend Gio. A bunch of hardcore dudes and other skaters from our school were forming "crews" and for some reason they all took that shit so serious and would like beat people up in other crews and make shirts and hoodies with their crew's new name on 'em. So we thought it'd be funny if we did too, since we weren't intimidating at all we thought it best if we had a bad ass name, "hooded demons" seemed appropriate since we were both uncircumcised. Since then it has become a lot more than just a joke, there's like 10 of us in it at this point (Me, Gio, Alex, Zach, Jeff, Domanick, Addam, Camden, Garret, Tanner, and Dylan). Its funny becuase now we are the only "crew" left. It's still not too serious, just a bunch of friends that love to skate.

Explain your living situation in America without alerting la migra..
Well, when I was six I came into the united states illegally. I literally hopped the border, some guy in a desert camo outfit tossed my 60 pound body over the 14 foot fence. So up until October of last year, 12 years later, Obama passed some law that allows me to be legally in the United States and work and get my license if I want... there's a lot of things I cant do, like go to college, leave America, or be president. I'm by no means a U.S. citizen, just a kid stuck in the land of opportunity.