Name: Bubba Smith
Status: high on everything
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

biggest hype before you go skating: Friends giving smiles or watching some local vids.

biggest buzzkill before you go skating: Brendan being loud and negative but even that makes me smile.

best spot you've ever skated: Underground fullpipe or MACBA ledges with drinks and the double D's (Droid and Damien)

best obstacle at a skate park: Pyramid, hip, bowl corners!

current worst trend in skating: Acting like you care.

top 3 video parts:
1: anything Gonz
2: anything of Dustin Dollin
3: anything from my Homebase homies

Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel: Newports

Top 5 Bands:
1: The Steve Miller Band
2: The White Stripes
3: The Beatles
4: The Black Keys
5: tile

Porn star of your choice: Ron Jeremy

Puffiest shoe you've ever skated: d3

Biggest Inspiration: Mike Emery, Luke Koch, Pat Villa, Ray Gurz, Jack White, and T.S.

Website you visit daily: redtube

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Favorite embarassing CD in your collection: Eve 6

One fast food item for the rest of your life: Yocco's

What were you made fun of for the most in school: Being fat, and flirting with disaster.

favorite mid 90's TV show: kids in the hall

best item you own with an american flag on it: Best item with an american flag on it is the american flag.

live a day in one celebrities life: Jack fuckin' White

lights on or off: lights out unless we're smoking I like to see the smoke.

best way to rot your teeth: cigs and beer.

biggest fear: Biggest fear is fear itself. I have been trying not fear at all for a long time.

best piece of advice someone has given you:
Best advice is never lie, always do the right thing, and if it feels good do it.

biggest waste of money: spending it.

high five or pound: pound it.

next place you'd like to travel: Vegas, Austrailia, Japan.

last time you vomited: My first morning in Cali I threw up like T.S. in the bathroom.. I didn't drink or anything, I think it was just nerves or something.

reason to live: love

reason to die: love

Explain 333: Ok, I dont really know how to explain it I just have been seeing it everywhere I go on everything for the past year or so.. I will randomly wake up at 3:33 in the morning, I will see it on license plates and signs of all kinds. When I see it tells me something like to contiune or back off.. it's weird but it works. I have had my friends see it at it's best too so I am not crazy.

Out of everyone on the team I've seen you lying on the ground squirming in pain the most, why do you think that is?
Let's see.. because I have no idea what I am doing ever. I just go with flow. I have a bad back so it doesn't help but I live to skate so it comes with it. I am just more prone to eat shit a whole lot more or worse then the next guy. That means you get more skating time in, I spend like 25% of the time skating and the rest is falling and healing.