Name: Anthony Hartzog
Location: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Age: 20

biggest hype before you go skating: Music

biggest buzzkill before you go skating: People trying to bring a dude down

best spot you've ever skated: Lower Macungie tennis courts

best obstacle at a skate park: Long circle rail

current worst trend in skating: That stupid thing where they flip their board without looking in their hand

top 3 video parts:
1: Ryan Townley - Fetish
2: Heath Kirchart - This Is Skateboarding
3: Jim Greco - Deathwish

Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel: Zoey Deschanel????

Top 5 Bands:
1: Modest Mouse
2: Why?
3: Snail Mail
4: Beach Fossils
5: Lucero

Celebrity of your choice: Tony Hawk

Puffiest shoe you've ever skated: eS Accel OG

Biggest Inspiration: Seeing old terds like Ray Gurz still skating

Website you visit daily: Depends how lonely I'm feeling

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Favorite embarrassing CD in your collection: Yellowcard-ocean avenue

One fast food item for the rest of your life: I just love burritos

What were you made fun of for the most in school: My mini afro

favorite mid 90's TV show: Spongebob

best item you own with an american flag on it: I have an american flag sticker on my truck

live a day in one celebrities life: Peter Pan

lights on or off: off. I don't remember

best way to rot your teeth: Brushing your teeth is over rated

biggest fear: Falling in love

best piece of advice someone has given you: Don't be a pussy

biggest waste of money: Love

high five or pound: pound

next place you'd like to travel: West Virginia

last time you vomited: All honesty, I haven't since I was a tiny kid

reason to live: Skateboarding and seeing new places

reason to die: Falling in love

who is your biggest motivator in your life? My dad, he put me on a skateboard

explain your perfect pizza party: Me eating pizza in my room alone and listening to shitty music