Summerline is here…

I feel terrible that I neglect this site.

Being a essential worker can take a toll .

We are still here. Just tend to focus on the lost soul instagram page.

This years series, conversational shreds, was done by me.

Layout. Cut, Rip, Paste.

I feel boards lose interest sometimes but I still get stoked

on a graphic that speaks more than just a brand logo.

I like a board that asks questions, or provides statements that

can have you just ask questions.

What was he thinking about this? Why did he add this? What is this phrase about?

That stuff to me is what we lack in this world in this day in age.

A fucking conversation.

Talk to each other. Stop staring at a phone screen. Take out the headphones.

The boards are in our shopping cart.

Thanks for taking the time to support us.