This Is Why… Ray Gurz

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It’s very hard to write about yourself.

Especially after putting out parts over the years.

But here is some insight.

I put as much as I physically can into a part

while working another job and playing in my band tile.

One of the main focuses I have for every part,

is to get this done locally.

You can go travel to other states and countries

but I can get more done in my local area for what I am into.

I never thought being in my 40’s ,that I be filming as much as I am.

But , if you continue to evolve as a person, and just do the cool shit

you like, skateboarding is still one of the best feelings ever.

Whether you respect this old guy or not, I don’t care.

It’s not one thing I honestly worry about.

It is the search for spots that keeps me going.

It’s the possibilities of the trick selection that keeps me going.

It’s the friends that keeps me going.

It’s the love of riding a skateboard since the mid 80’s.

I never thought in the last 3 years I have the last part.

This Is Why…