This Is Why… dvd ON SALE

In a attempt for all of us to not zoom past , this document

was made to remember the things we find important.

Not in any attempt to create content to stay in your algarhythem

in your hand held device.

But a memory far more important to us.

Here are our reasons.

This Is Why…

Friendship which skateboarding creates.

Underground music.

Not being stuck in a cage (park).

Wandering the streets, back alleys, ditches, for the unknown spots.

Freedom of enjoying your environment.

Making makeshift spots out of trash or found objects.

It’s not easy for all of us. The diehards are in it for the long haul.

It teaches you that if you eat shit, you get back up and continue to try.

The new friends you can make with the common language of skateboarding.

We could go on and on about how important skateboarding is

and these ideals .

I feel you will get it.

If you want a video of a crew / team, that has these ideals.

Purchase here.