Salad Days…

October 1st, 2014

This era of punk was that rush that lit that spark.

I received a mix tape when I was in 7th grade that had Minor Threat on it.

I couldn’t believe how sick it was and how simplistic the lyrics were but they stood

so solid by themselves and was my warcry at my mother for not understanding why I skated

and why I wanted to go to shows and start a band.

DC was a place anyone in the know was there to be apart where the film takes place.

If I was just a few years older, I would have visited there for sure.

This is one documentary I have to see…

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It’s Monday…

September 29th, 2014

We thought we let you know.

Place a order this week, and expect some extra somethings.

Order a deck, I might throw in a t-shirt.

Order a t-shirt, I might throw in couple extra coozies.

Order a deck and shirt, Shit, I will definitely surprise you…

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Like Fighting the Ocean…

September 27th, 2014

A friend I haven’t seen in years hit me up to be apart of his zine a month ago.

Paul Renn, aka Peppermint Patty or P squared, has been into punk music and skating forever.

We met years ago when he use to come to The Pirate’s Cove shows and was a fan of my band

at the time, Carpenter Ant.

Paul even helped put out one of our records and went on a tour with us .

I am so glad this is in a print format. I can hold it , stare at it and read the interviews of

Night Birds, Reservoir and Scholastic Death.

I also enjoyed the skaters who are over 30 article.

Seeing there perspective is very gratifying.

If you have a chance, buy one of his zines. Paul is a solid dude.


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Jason Jesse is awesome…

September 25th, 2014

Jason Jesse is a true skater .

He came from a generation I grew up in.

It was one where skateboarding was not cool.

You were made fun of doing things different. dress different. use other phrases.

And I loved it then.

There was no rules, and that was that. Live wreckless. Take chances. Pay the piper.

Here is a great read for this upcoming artshow tonight in Hoboken, Nj.

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White Denim…

September 24th, 2014

Matt from Pissed Jeans has been doing a small record label called White Denim for some time.

These are noiser , punk , bizarro releases all under one roof.

That is what makes his label interesting , as to each new release, has me wondering.

It’s a good thing.

His Soundcloud was upload and the one song I dug from a past release, is right there.


This can just put me in a good state.

Keep doing it Matt. See ya at Double Decker Records soon.

more info, check out white denim for more…

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jank bank…

September 22nd, 2014

Tyler and I headed to this janky bank today with one trick in mind I wanted to film.

This spot can help you remove layers of skin free of charge if you fall.


But for some reason , I wanted to film something here I thought of this morning.

It’s nice to go out and get what you pictured you would try and land.

Without paying to much shit for it.

Today was nice…

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September 21st, 2014

Irv can do somethings that look real good.

This is one of them.

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EAGULLS rule …

September 18th, 2014
YouTube Preview Image

I found them out after hearing a song on the Heroin video and now I can’t stop listening.

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Success at Arts Fest…

September 16th, 2014

This was the first year of Arts Fest here in Allentown hosted by The Alternative Gallery.

Brandon and his volunteers were running around making sure everyone was pleased and if

we needed anything, they be right there for us .

Thank you to all the vendors and friends who came out and said whats up, bought anything to

support these small brands and shops.

Being next to LVAC , Homebase Skateshop and Adam Sander MFG was a treat for us.

Nothing but good vibes the whole time.

Thanks goes to Homebase and Holistic for handling the ES’ game of skate .

Hopefully they do it again next year and there is more vendors and the weather stays beautiful

all 3 days.

The rain had us bumming but, the sunshine came through the last day and so did all the people.

Here is to next year…

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particular set of tasks they are designed to perform…

September 15th, 2014

I like the box cutter.

It can perform many tasks at any moment.

Here is the No pocket tee , boxcutter shirt.

This will be in the Lost Soul Bigcartel store this week.

$15.00 plus 5 shipping if you want to save your allowance,lunch money ,baby sitting money

or grass cutting cash.

It will be here for you.

On White or Grey.

posted by: Ray