Summerline is here…

June 16th, 2020

I feel terrible that I neglect this site.

Being a essential worker can take a toll .

We are still here. Just tend to focus on the lost soul instagram page.

This years series, conversational shreds, was done by me.

Layout. Cut, Rip, Paste.

I feel boards lose interest sometimes but I still get stoked

on a graphic that speaks more than just a brand logo.

I like a board that asks questions, or provides statements that

can have you just ask questions.

What was he thinking about this? Why did he add this? What is this phrase about?

That stuff to me is what we lack in this world in this day in age.

A fucking conversation.

Talk to each other. Stop staring at a phone screen. Take out the headphones.

The boards are in our shopping cart.

Thanks for taking the time to support us.

posted by: Ray

This Is Why… outro

January 23rd, 2020
YouTube Preview Image

It’s another chapter of our lives which we will look back on.

Some will look in disbelief.

Some will be filled with joy.

Hopefully , you will feel inspired.

Inspired to make those memories with your friends.

Inspired to get out of the cage and look for adventure.

Trespass. Make Noise. Destroy.

The biggest of THANK YOU’S goes out to the editor.


Without him, it’s just footage on mini dv tapes.

Thank You for creating what a video of friends looks like.

Interested in the limited copy, it’s here.

posted by: Ray

This Is Why… Ray Gurz

January 9th, 2020
YouTube Preview Image

It’s very hard to write about yourself.

Especially after putting out parts over the years.

But here is some insight.

I put as much as I physically can into a part

while working another job and playing in my band tile.

One of the main focuses I have for every part,

is to get this done locally.

You can go travel to other states and countries

but I can get more done in my local area for what I am into.

I never thought being in my 40’s ,that I be filming as much as I am.

But , if you continue to evolve as a person, and just do the cool shit

you like, skateboarding is still one of the best feelings ever.

Whether you respect this old guy or not, I don’t care.

It’s not one thing I honestly worry about.

It is the search for spots that keeps me going.

It’s the possibilities of the trick selection that keeps me going.

It’s the friends that keeps me going.

It’s the love of riding a skateboard since the mid 80’s.

I never thought in the last 3 years I have the last part.

This Is Why…

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Well into the New Year… 2020

January 8th, 2020
YouTube Preview Image

After the chaos of being at my day job,UPS,

I am back at HQ trying to get it all together.

So, We have one of our South Carolina favorites, Irving Juarez

from This Is Why…

He just looks really natural and does it with ease.

It will always amaze me.

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Yuh Yanagimachi in This Is Why…

November 25th, 2019
YouTube Preview Image

Yuh’s creativity is beyond.

It’s such a honor to have him apart of the company.

Casual style just reigns supreme.

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Tyler Zosky in This Is Why…

November 25th, 2019
YouTube Preview Image

There is so much to say about a individual that encompasses

the beliefs, standards and outlooks I have with this company.

Without his shared vision, we could not make videos

or edits the way it feels natural to us.

I love him like a son.

posted by: Ray

This Is Why… friends section

November 8th, 2019
YouTube Preview Image

A great skate video isn’t just the riders.

Then hammers. Then end.

To me, my Friends, are the ones who keep the support system going.

In one way or more, they have helped you.

And god damn, I love my friends.

buy the dvd here

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This Is Why… Anthony Hartzog

October 22nd, 2019
YouTube Preview Image

Anthony transplanted to CO so he could expand his

horizons as well as the search for the great spots

and wild snowboard conditions.

Check his part out and send him some love

when you are in CO.

Our dude does it with ease.

posted by: Ray

This Is Why… James Lindenmuth

October 12th, 2019
YouTube Preview Image

Meeting James just a few years ago through Anthony,

I met someone who has talent on a board but so

importantly, a great style.

His trick selection is sick and he is totally down

to try a random idea that would pop in my head when

we went filming for this part.

You start out a skate video with a great part.

That is what we did.

Love ya James!

posted by: Ray

This Is Why… intro

October 7th, 2019
YouTube Preview Image

This was suppose to get up last Friday

but due to work schedule complications, it didn’t.

We decided to start letting the masses who don’t

know much about us, start seeing the video the team and myself

worked really hard for.

The premiere was in July.

The last of the physical copies are here.

It is limited to just 100 .

Each Friday we will post the parts.

Here is the intro.

Tune in Friday to see more.( If I tell you the order, it ruins it)

posted by: Ray